Producing The Next Big Video Game Voice

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Even though someone maybe doing the thing that seems to be what they were made for, I always like asking the question, "If you weren't doing this, what would you LOVE to do?"

This was the question a few years ago that I asked my friend Gabe Patillo.  He has travelled as a hype Guy for Toby Mac for the last 12 years.  He is also an avid songwriter.  But on the side, he LOVES video games.  He even has a consistent podcast called Married to the Games. He is an all around good guy and hilarious to boot.

It seems like he was made for the job that he does on the road with Toby but I asked him what he would LOVE to do and he hesitated.  Because he hesitated, I smelled blood.  Ha!  I wanted to get it out of him.  He said I haven't told anyone this but I would love to be the voice for video games.  He was almost apologetic about even saying it.  He said it felt ridiculous.  I think God puts dreams in us and if you can build His kingdom doing it, why wouldn't you pursue it???  Gabe is about the Kingdom of God and he totally has these character voices that come out of him naturally.  I was grateful that he trusted me to speak that dream out loud. AND I TOTALLY ENCOURAGED HIM!!!!  I said dude!  What do you need to make it happen???  He said I probably need a demo.  I said DO IT!!!!  

Over the past year or two, I have kept asking him if he was pursuing it or not.  He called me a few months ago and said, "Dude, thanks for believing in me and speaking that over me."  I told him again emphatically that he had what it takes.  I also asked him again if he was doing a demo.  He has a recording setup at home that he could record a demo with.  He told me that a lady in the voice over industry told him to do a demo but don't do it alone.  She said You will get a better performance if you can produce it with someone else.  I had a crazy thought and said, "Hey what if we recorded it at my house?  I've never recorded a voice over demo but it might be fun!"

Gabe came over a few weeks ago and we did a demo over an evening.  It went late into the night.  He had several characters that he wanted to do and we brainstormed a couple of others.  It was so fun coming up with ideas of voices and dialogue and then finding the right sonic place to put them.  

Over the next few days, he sent the demo to several respected friends in the video game industry (whom he had met through his Podcast).  The feedback that he received was REALLY GOOD and two people gave him some great criticism.  Two nights ago, we got back together and did what they had said to do.  We added a few voices and got rid of any space in between the voices.  

I believe Gabe has the next big video game voice.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!