Steve Moakler's Wide Open

This past Friday night, I went to a listening party for Steve Moakler's new album, Wide Open.  It was hosted by the producer, Mike Wrucke and his wife Natalie Hemby.  Mike built out a studio in his basement that has a GREAT vibe.  He has produced several big country artists...Miranda Lambert, The Eli Young Band, and the Pistol Annies.  The listening party was a great night celebrating an AMAZING album.  

I have a song on Steve's new album that we co-wrote called Damn, Do I think About You.  Out of all the songs in my cataIog, I'd rather not this be the song that my little girl walks around the house singing:).  I do LOVE what Mike and Steve did with this song.  Steve played it for me a few weeks ago and I was floored.  It sounds SO GOOD. As the song ended, I asked him to play it again.  I'm proud to have a song on his new album.  I always enjoy writing with vulnerable people and Steve is that kind of writer.  He brings his heart and soul and his struggles into writing sessions and seems to always find good ways of putting himself into a song.  Damn, Do I Think About You was fun to write with him.  I think I remember working backwards from the title and then finding a laundry list of things that Steve didn't care much about and using it to play against the title so it would pay off.  Here is the lyric:

Damn Do I Think About You by Steve Moakler and Chad Cates

I don't care about politics

I don't care what car I drive

When I walk by those fancy stores

I don't wonder what's inside

I don't care much about money

Or if I'll be a millionaire

When I'm talking to Jesus

I don't wonder if he's there


I don't care much if I win or lose

I don't worry where I'm headed to

But damn do I think about you


I don't give much thought to

Where I lay my head at night

I'm just driving down this highway

Trying to shine a little light

To shine a little light

Wide Open is full of GREAT songs that give an accurate picture of who Steve is.  The song, Riser is an outstanding song that has also been cut by Dierks Bentley and is the title cut of his album.  It feels like a Song of the Year type of song to me.  I also love Holiday at Sea.  He wrote it based on this C.S. Lewis quote.

I'm hoping for good things for Steve.  If you don't have Wide Open yet, go get it.  I think you will love it.