A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Ricky Jackson called me and said,  "I hope this is okay but I called your family, my family and our good friends to see if we could raise money for you and Sarah to get a new bed."  He asked for my PayPal, Venmo app, and Cash app information. 

Rewind from there. Ricky and I had talked about getting good rest and he talked about how much he loved his bed. I told him we had just bought a new mattress but we weren't sleeping very well on it.  He said good sleep is healing for your body and you need it--especially in this season. 

Following him calling me about raising money, I began to to get notifications from friends and family giving money over the next few days that totalled over $2000! Sarah and I were so grateful. 

He called me and we talked about beds again and he said his bed was more expensive than that and that he wanted us to get a bed like he has. He then asked if he could set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise some more money and many of you gave and raised over $2800!  

We went bed shopping this last Saturday and our new mattress and adjustable base arrived today and I am typing this while lying on the bed. It is SO comfortable and we are excited to get some good sleep tonight.  

THANK YOU to Ricky Jackson and to all who gave toward this gift. You have loved us better than we deserve and are inspiring us to be more Kingdom minded. We are so grateful.