My Deliverer

This past year, I wrote a song with Tony Wood and Jason Walker called "My Deliverer". We got together on a day back in March and decided we were going to write for Mandisa because she was going to record a new CD. We turned the song in and my publishing company followed up with the demo. They pitched it and from what we heard, the people at EMI really liked the song and put it on hold for Mandisa. It is always encouraging to hear that people like your song but you learn very quickly in this industry to not really get your hopes up. She did indeed record the song and they chose it for her first single from the new record. We knew back in December that it was going to be a possibility as the first single and were really excited but again took it with a grain of salt.

This past week, Sarah and I drove out to Mt Juliet to go test drive a car that a guy is selling. She has driven an 89 Honda Accord for the past 4 years. She deserves a newer car!!! On our way back from test driving the car, we had the radio on and as we were talking, we heard "My Deliverer" in the background. I have had around 10 radio singles with several of them being fairly successful. I have historically downplayed the emotion of hearing your song for the first time on the radio. I think deep inside, I have wanted to react like this:

Sarah and I got so excited in the car when the single came on the radio. We just started dancing in the car and singing. It was a great moment that I will always remember. I am so grateful for her. It is her birthday tomorrow and hopefully she will be getting a new car. Happy Birthday to you Sarah. Oh...check out Mandisa's cut of "My Deliverer" here and buy it so we can pay off this car:)